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Read real stories and see real pictures from clients who have been treated by Bryce Olson Physical Therapy.

Kazavian McKenzie

Like so many accidents, this wreck was super scary.  Kazavian McKenzie suffered neck, back, shoulder and knee injuries, but we are proud to say he is on the road to recovery!

Gilbert Cuellar

Gilbert Cuellar was rear ended and knock forward but fortunately did not collide with another vehicle in front of him. His pride and joy, a tough but beautiful mustang doesn’t show much damage however he suffered severe neck and back whiplash injuries.

He is rehabbing his injuries with us at Bryce Olson Physical Therapy and recovering.

Sheree Clements

Sheree Clements was struck by an on coming car who was driving the wrong direction on the interstate. She suffered leg, seat belt chest trauma, puncture wounds and multiple contusions.

She is battling back strong in her rehabilitation


Juanita, her daughter April, their dog Rusty, survived this accident after a truck pulled out in front of them and slammed into them. They are recovering from multiple injuries to the head, shoulder, arm, and the entire side of the body.

Healing is happening at Bryce Olson Physical Therapy.

Rhonda B

Rhonda B. And her daughter Lilly, were hit head on, at 45 mph. They survived!!!!

Still in a lot of pain, they are working hard in rehab including  massage, exercise, joint mobilization, and aquatic therapy today at Bryce Olson Physical Therapy.

Matthew Martinez | I Survived This | Bryce Olson Physical Therapy

Matthew Martinez

Matthew Martinez survived this horrific crash when a semi truck smashed into the rear of the truck he was in. He suffered burns, spine injuries and a smashed foot.

He is making a come back on his road to recovery at Bryce Olson Physical Therapy.

Gracie | I Survived This | Bryce Olson Physical Therapy in Lubbock Texas


Ashley survived this horrific accident and is rehabing herself back to her previous level of function.  She suffered multiple injuries including her back and ankle.

Gracie | I Survived This | Bryce Olson Physical Therapy in Lubbock Texas


Gracie was rear ended and sustained neck,upper and lower back, right hand, right wrist right forearm and left leg trauma.

She is undergoing strengthening, improving her range of motion and pain relief therapy at Bryce Olson Physical therapy.

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