Dry Needling

Trigger Point Dry Needling

DN makes use of thin filiform needles to penetrate skin and underlying tissues in order to reduce muscle tightness, improve pain/symptoms, and restoring structure and function. Trigger points are hyperirritable, palpable nodules in muscle fibers that develop due to many reasons including injury, muscle overuse, lack of exercise, bad posture, stress, sleep disturbances and many others.

These trigger points can cause local tenderness, referred pain, muscle tightness, muscle weakness, thereby reducing function and causing movement impairments. Insertion of the needle causes stimulation of a local twitch responses, reducing chemical substances that cause pain, increasing blood flow, restoring resting length of muscles, all of which reduces impairments and restores overall function. Electrical stimulation can be added to accelerate and enhance the pain-relieving effect.

Covered by certain insurances and cash pay options are offered. Contact us for more information.

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